Q: How do I measure for waist beads?

A: Measuring tape is the best way to measure around your waist. If you don't have access to measuring tape, the sizes replicate UK clothes sizing. Elastic beads can be ordered a size up/down to create a layered look.

For information on waist beads, please click here 


Q: What's the difference between elastic waist beads, and string & clasp waist beads?

A: Elastic and string & clasp refer to the material of the waist bead. Elastic waist beads are flexible and stretch up to 70% of their original length. String and clasp is made from string with screw clasps on either end.


Q: Do waist beads help weight loss?

A: String & clasp waist beads are an aid for tracking weight loss. When they become loose and begin to hand lower, this suggests weight loss. When they become tighter and rise up, this suggests weight gain. It doesn't cause weight loss, however some people may experience shaping of their waist.


Q: Can I return or exchange my order?

A: Unfortunately, due to the intimate nature of the product, returns and exchanges are not possible. If there is an issue with your order, please be sure to email: info@culturedwaist.com and I can find the best solution.


Q: Can I order beads urgently? (UK)

A: If you need your beads faster than the processing time please use the live chat available Mon to Sun from 9am to 9pm. Express processing and shipping can be organised.


Q: What if my order is lost by Hermes/Delivery?

A: If an order is lost by a courier, it will be reshipped after double checking the details. In no circumstances will the customer be responsible unless it was lost post delivery


Still have a question? Please use the live chat, dm @culturedwaist, or email info@culturedwaist.com.

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