About Us

Our Products:
Cultured waist is jewellery store which sells handmade beaded jewellery including waist beads, anklets, and bracelets. Our beaded accessories are all handmade accessories by our owner (Ebony) with love and care.
Waist beads are also known referred to as waist jewellery or belly beads. There is a lot of misconception around the meaning of waist beads and whether non-African people wearing them is cultural appropriation – Cultured Waist strongly believes everyone deserves to dress their bodies up waist beads despite their origin and it is actually cultural appreciation.
It is important to be educated about the things you wear and buy, so here is some information on the history of waist beads:
Historically, waist beads originate from Africa (most resources say West Africa, but who is to say where in Africa) and they have several different meanings in different countries and tribes, but here are a few:
  • Waist beads for weight loss
  • Waist beads to represent class/wealth
  • Waist beads to express femininity
  • Waist beads to introduce teen girls to womanhood
  • Waist beads for pleasure and love making
  • Waist beads as an anchor for menstrual cloth
For more information there will be a video about the history of waist beads on the Cultured Waist YouTube channel: Cultured Waist - YouTube (also learn how to make waist beads).
Anklets (ankle bracelet, ankle chain, ankle string) are another form of body jewellery which originate from Africa, specifically worn by the Egyptians.
Beaded bracelets are a standard piece of jewellery often bought as friendship bracelets, couple bracelets, chakra bracelets or flag bracelets to represent heritage.

The message behind Cultured Waist:

The purpose behind my brand is to promote body positivity within the female community. A lot of people are unaware what it means to be body positive, love your body and have body confidence. Some people confuse body positivity with diet culture and encouraging weight loss or gain; although you can have body confidence and still want to lose or gain weight, the body positive movement is about loving your body and loving all bodies the way they are now. It is more to do with appreciating your body than criticising your body.
Cultured waist’ sizes vary from Size 0 (22”) to Size 32 (54”) so all girls can wear our waist beads and feel beautiful, sexy and empowered.
Our handmade jewellery is made in the UK, but we ship internationally.
All orders are made to order and will be ready for shipping within 7 working days from the date of purchase.
UK orders are sent using Royal Mail 1st Class signed for.
International orders are sent using Royal Mail international shipping with tracking.

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