About Us


Cultured Waist is a handmade beaded jewellery store, specialising in African waist beads. Founded in the UK, Cultured Waist aims to celebrate and share African culture with women worldwide by providing adornments for the body, encouraging self love and teaching about African history and culture.

Waist beads were traditionally handed down to young girls by elders in the community to signify protection, fertility and beauty of the womb. Over time waist beads have served women of all backgrounds with different purposes including as a fashion accessory, weight tracking tool, to shape the waist, to manifest, to hold menstrual cloth, to celebrate (e.g. weddings or any special occasion), to please their partners, for spiritual purposes and more.

The beauty and art in waist beads is found through each woman's self expression as she chooses what they mean or represent for her. 

All products are handmade by me (Ebony). Cultured Waist is my expression and appreciation for African culture that I wish to share with women everywhere.

I am a strong advocate for self love, confidence and exploring culture and through wearing waist beads I hope women will see the beauty in their body, waist and mind. Being comfortable in our skin has proven to be uncommon in modern times which is unfair because it's every woman's birth right to love herself... all of herself.

Thank you for visiting the Cultured Waist website. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email: info@culturedwaist.com