About: Waist Beads

Traditionally, waist beads have many meanings depending on the tribe, however, a common theme amongst its meanings is an accessory to physical beauty and representation of woman hood. In many cultures, waist beads are gifted during puberty rituals for young girls to welcome them on their journey into womanhood and prepare them for things such as courting, marriage and having children. When a girl is married, her waist beads are removed - in some tribes they are gifted to her husband and in others, her husband will buy her new beads. The focus of the beads is mainly seen as an attractive piece for your partner's attention; however, I want to introduce them as a way of being attractive to yourself. In the Zulu tribe of South Africa, beads are used to communicate between a young woman and the man she's dating. She wears her beads, or gives them to him, who in turn asks his female family members to translate the message and create new beads in response. In the same way, I hope to introduce the power of colour therapy and allow women to create messages, almost reminders and affirmations of who they are, for themselves.

Through wearing waist beads, I have been able to grow in confidence, body positivity and self-love which has increased my self-belief and quality of life through better thinking and relationships with people around me. Being comfortable in our skin is a luxury I believe every woman deserves.