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Being comfortable in your skin is a luxury every woman deserves.

Cultured Waist Workshop

"I had an absolutely wonderful, feel-good afternoon thanks to Ebony of Cultured Waist. Ebony introduced us to waist beads. Traditionally the meaning of these beads depends on the tribe. They are mainly seen as an attractive piece for a partner's attention. However Ebony suggested we use them as a way of appreciating and being kind to ourselves. The colours of the beads have specific meanings. I chose red beads for strength, white for honest, pink for love and green for health. By wearing the waist beads, we are reminding ourselves of their messages. Additionally, they act as positive affirmations of who we are. As well as having a very relaxed time making our own waist beads, we looked at the topics of body positivity, confidence and self love and had many interesting and inspiring conversations. A fabulous workshop. Highly recommend."

- Sue Bartlett, Coventry


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