Defining every waistline!

Welcome to your personal bead factory. Whether you're looking for beads that have been defined for guidance or you'd like to create your own waist beads with personal meaning to you - we are at your service. Use the live chat to discuss custom ideas or browse our current designs below.


I received my waist beads and I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for making these for me. They really boosted my feminine energy, confidence, and awareness of my waist which make me feel sexy! I will be ordering more colors soon.

This is my second order doll. Just wanted to say the packaging and everything is always on point and I'm so happy to receive this today! That's another four to add to the collection. I used to get my Mum to send them to me from Gambia so thank you for making it easier to get my heritage to me.

I don't have any questions, but I recently purchased some waist beads and anklets and they are all so stunning and fit amazing! Being plus size it's always been hit and miss to find places that cater for plus size and that fact you managed to do that in such a beautiful way I was amazed, thank you so much and I'm so excited to build my collection.


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